Pay equity

Pay equity complaint, filed on December 31, 2010 +

Here is the list of job titles that won the pay equity complaint:

  • 3215 – Senior assistant pharmacy technician
  • 3588 – Family helper
  • 3480 – Beneficiary attendant
  • 3505 – Patient care attendant
  • 6335 – Housekeeping attendant
  • 2101 – Administrative technician
  • 1255− Speech therapist
  • 2282− Medical archivist team leader
  • 1219− Nutrionnist
  • 2261− Dental hygienist
  • 3224 – Class B technician


Questions from STTCSTU to CSN:

Our members ask us a lot of questions regarding the pay equity and payment terms complaint.

Has the agreement been signed at Treasury Board?

Do we have a date?

When everything is signed, will we have calculation tools for our members for their salary feedback?

I am asked how we will be able to check if our employer is making mistakes?


Response from the CSN:

To date, the agreement has not yet been signed but that should not be long, we are still in discussions with the Treasury Board regarding certain terms.

Until then, however, I invite you to consult this newsletter which includes several elements of answers to your questions:

In addition, another bulletin with more information will be published upon signing.

In addition, videoconferences by job title will be held in September to answer questions and convey information to officers and members.

Finally, in principle, when employers pay retroactivity, there will be the detail on the payroll. Thus, people will be able to validate whether the hours with the adjusted wage rate and sums are consistent.