Would you like to get involved in your union executive committee?

Would you like to make a difference with your colleagues and make things happen within
the UTHC?

We are looking for new members for the following positions:


Grievance Officer


  • Welcoming and supporting the worker who files a complaint;
  • Follow up on the file;
  • Intervene with the worker, the union and the management;
  • Accompany the person throughout the process, up to and including arbitration, if necessary.


  • Welcoming member;
  • Support to members;
  • Follow-up on files ;
  • Intervention;
  • Accompaniment of injured parties in their rights.

Profile required

  • Fluent in English and French
  • Be available and accessible;
  • Be capable of empathy;
  • Be a good listener;
  • Be responsible;
  • Sense of autonomy;
  • Be discreet;
  • To be dynamic;
  • Patient;
  • Sense of organization;
  • Interest in collective agreements, procedures, deadlines, laws and jurisprudence.

*Note that according to Article 28 – ELIGIBILITY of our STTCSTU By-Laws; for financial reasons, Grievance Officer must be based in Kuujjuaq.

Health and safety representative


  • To be responsible for work accident and occupational disease files as well as any temporary assignment file;
  • Inform members of their rights and obligations in OHS matters.
  • Participate in the joint health and safety committee;
  • Promote health and safety in the workplace;


  • Accompany the members
  • Follow-up on files with members, the union and the employer
  • Ensure that members work in a healthy and safe environment

Profile required

  • Be available and accessible
  • Sense of organization
  • Be a good listener
  • Be responsible
  • Sense of autonomy
  • Be dynamic
  • Interest in laws and labor standards, collective agreements and procedures.


Role and function

  • Be the memory of the union;
  • Prepare the agenda for union meetings;
  • Prepare the agenda for union meetings; Write the notices of meetings and make sure they are seen or received;
  • Take notes during union meetings with the president;
  • Write and read the minutes of general assemblies and executive meetings, record them in a register and sign them with the President;
  • Convene meetings (assemblies and other union meetings);
  • To give access to the minute book to any member who requests it;
  • Draft, send and retain correspondence;
  • To file and retain all communications;
  • To keep and maintain the records of the Union;
  • Keep membership cards in a safe place;
  • Reading documents at the general meeting;
  • Transmit to the organizations to which the union is affiliated a copy of the constitution and by-laws, composition and contact information of the executive, as well as the union’s proposals for the convention.

Desired Profile

  • Organizational skills
  • Autonomy
  • Discretion
  • Thoroughness
  • Sense of priorities

*Note that according to Article 28 – ELIGIBILITY of our STTCSTU By-Laws; for financial reasons, the secretary must be based in Kuujjuaq.

Vice presidents

  • Class 1: nursing and cardio-respiratory care

  • Class 2: paratechnical personnel and auxiliary services and trades personnel

  • Class 3: office personnel and administrative technicians and professionals

  • Class 4: health and social services technicians and professionals


  • Be responsible for issues affecting all working conditions of the members in his/her category;
  • Defend within the Executive Committee the point of view of the unionized persons he or she represents.
  • Ensure the transmission of information to all members in his/her category;


  • Welcoming and supporting the members of his/her category
  • Follow-up on the files of the members in his/her category
  • Intervention with members, and if necessary, the employer
  • Collaborate with the grievance officer during the investigation of grievances or disputes and inform him/her of all files that fall under his/her jurisdiction;

Desired Profile

  • Be available and accessible
  • Organizational skills
  • Be a good listener
  • Be responsible
  • Sense of autonomy
  • Be dynamic
  • Interest in labor laws and standards, collective agreements and procedures.


  • Your manager can’t refuse you to join the union.
  • We offer you support and a training!
  • Do you have questions? Interested? sttcstu.fsss-csn@hotmail.com